Sherberton Border reiver, Riggit Galloway bull , with Two Mills herd
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The Riggit Galloway Cattle


Newsletter Autumn 2014

Mochrum Flora on Dartmoor

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Hatherland Dark Sky winning championship at Frome Show in Spetember 2014


















Jeremy Perkin's cows in Suffolk - Summer 2014





















The Riggit Galloway Cattle Society
Patron: His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales
President: John Corrie

Newsletter Autumn 2014

2013 herdbook
Struggling womanfully against a disorganised secretary, members whose communications with the outside world seem to be via carrier pigeon, and having her own stuff to do already, Mrs Bunning has finally nailed the latest herdbook. With an analysis of cattle in each active herd, it's updating the first edition and also includes a reference section to animals missed off, or just missing.
For copies, contact 01398 351165

Show success
As ever, the Bunnings have been out flying the flag on the West Country show circuit, although this now seems to extend to the 3 Counties and Newbury. Sherberton Dory wowed everyone once more, with her magnificent bull calf Finlay
'Fin' is pre-sold to the Stonehouse herd, although he's staying in Devon until 2015, to be shown in his own right.
Alison Bunning is also having some success with her heifer Hatherland Dark Sky, although bringing in a 'ringer' of a highly skilled professional handler (see pic left) probably helped clinch the AONB championship at Frome in September

Alison and Harriet have also variously shown alongside Belt exhibitors -and Riggit friends- Patrick and Darlene Ford, and John Coaker. A fantastic year folks, well done.

New members
The Society also welcomes new associate members Cliff and Gemma Bounds, who attended the summer jamboree, as did Karin Chandler-Wilson who has jumped straight into Riggit breeding by purchasing in calf heifer Hatherland Cassiopia. 'Cassiopia' rewarded Karin by quickly produced a smart red riggit heifer calf (by Red Pride).
There is another new member in Somerset, who James Taylor seems to have shanghaied into the Society. But as someone has ticked the 'no publicity' box on their membership form, we can't reveal who they are. (This is something like ticking the 'no publicity' box on your lottery win, the difference being instead of having loads of money and no friends, in the RGCS you'll have loads of chums, but…umm..)
Anyway, a hearty welcome to all our new members.

Beef Expo
This November beef fair at Exeter proved successful again, with the RGCS sharing stand space with the Belted Galloway Cattle Society. The Secretary and Alison Bunning brought cattle along, and several members came along to alternatively man the stand, tend the cattle and test the produce in the ale tent. The Secretary admits some of his cattle were rodeoed off the hill the afternoon before the event, but they behaved impeccably- unlike some breeds-, and that despite a hurricane trying to loft the whole marquee into space!

Tavistock sale
The popular fixture in July once more featured registered black, belted, and riggit cattle, as well as commercial beasts. A number of members were present, and a few Riggit animals went through the ring. Several animals inc a registered heifer were sold onto a farm on the Southern edge of Dartmoor, rebuilding a Galloway herd decimated by TB, earning Kath Bailey and family a year's membership.

Red Pride
Launched at the Beef event (above) is a world first. The Secretary has had semen collected from Clifton Red Pride, sire of Finlay. 'Pride' is out of a registered red Galloway cow, by Clifton Dougal (black Riggit). He's stamping a good proportion of marked calves, has a tremendous coat and very good beefy carcase traits' Contact Anton Coaker 01364 631276

Summer 2014 meeting
Delegates shunned their usual upland haunts to explore the flatlands of Suffolk, with host, vice chair Jeremy Perkins. As ever, the rolling jamboree and socials scheduled around the meeting proved a treat for everyone. Centred in and around Bury St Edmunds, delegates enjoyed various farm visits, including herds of Longhorns, Simmentals, Belts, as well as Jeremy's own Reds and Riggits
For variety, Jeremy had also scheduled in a visit to the National Stud at Newmarket, where delegates saw the workings of the most professional and impressive thoroughbred horse breeding operation.

Once more, the social ambiance within the group and quality of cattle-and equines- viewed were only surpassed by the volume of provender delegates ate and drank as they careered from visit to visit. The summer meeting was held in a pub, and put to bed fairly quickly to get on with the proper business.
Other high points were various unscheduled stopovers nosing around the abundant local historic architecture, and dodging the torrential rain which the RGCS often brings along. The drought struck locals seemed pleased enough to see us for that reason if no other!
Thanks Jeremy. Another vintage year.

Bravery award

The special RGCS bravery award for 2014 goes to Daisy Keiley, after her poor finger got squished in a car door in Suffolk. After variously being ministered to by mum Katie, Karin, et al, and quick trip to casualty, she was soon her old self, proudly showing off a huge dressing.

A Gag
A weathered old farmer arrives at the 'Pearly Gates', where St Peter assesses him, as to whether he should be allowed to enter. 'We haven't got you down as a kind and generous soul…far from it in fact. What was the most heroic and selfless thing you ever did?' he asks the farmer. 'Werrl' said the farmer, 'I was in town once, to sell the old sow at the market, an I appened to see some poor young maid, walking across a park, being bothered by a group of drunken thugs. I tried to look the other way- I was in a hurry se, cuz the betting shop was opening- but they kept on at her. I could see she was at the end of her tether, so I walked over, spun the biggest of um round, and said …pick on someone yur own size you brute, and I give him an almighty clout right on the nose'. 'Goodness' says St Peter, 'that's exactly the kind of selfless act that qualifies. When did this happen?' 'Bout 10 minutes ago Maister'.

Sales List and website

Just a quick request - Jeremy Perkins kindly maintains our sales page and needs up to date information about any cattle for sale so he can keep the sales page up to the minute. Also don't forget to tell him when cattle are sold.

Winter meeting
The winter meeting is set for Weds Feb 11th, anticipated at the usual Midlands venue. Details to follow.

Festive greetings to everyone in the Riggit Galloway Cattle Society









































Bravery Award to Daisy Keiley













Some of the delegates at Sherberton Farm in August 2012