Sherberton Border reiver, Riggit Galloway bull , with Two Mills herd
© Dave Franciosy

The Riggit Galloway Cattle


Newsletter Autumn 2014

Mochrum Flora on Dartmoor

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Alison Bunning's mixed Galloways at Royal Cornwall Show 2015


















South Yeo Fiona May skipping around in Northlew, Devon


















The Riggit Galloway Cattle Society
Patron: His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales
President: Neil Alsop

Newsletter 2015

Show News
With the season starting at the Devon County Show, and now well underway, Alison Bunning is out flying the flag once more. Helped by Harriet, and Cliff and Gemma Bounds, a rising star is proving to be Hatherland Finlay, the yearling bull out of Sherberton Dory, by Clifton Red Pride. He's bound for the Stonehouse herd later in the year, once he's 'cleaned up' down South.
But Mrs Bunning has competition now, with Karin Chandler-Wilson from Dorset leading out Hatherland Cassiopeia and calf Athena at Sherborne to a 2nd.
A full summer calendar awaits both teams, and we all wish them the best of luck…and fun. But the hottest news is that The Frome Agriculture and Cheese Show -a very well supported one day show in Somerset- will be staging open Galloway classes, putting Riggits against other types. Held on Saturday 12th September, this will be a national first. Come along.

Only when he laughs….
Unfortunate news from the Chairman. As well as losing a couple of animals to TB this spring, David Howard has taken a fall from a ladder, and injured his back quite badly. He assures us that he's using the August meeting as a target to get properly mobile, but in the meantime, we're all sending him our kindest regards and crossing our fingers for both TB tests, and improving mobility.
One very naughty group of members penned a little rhyme for David…

So, we heard you've had a fall from a ladder
And there couldn't be anything sadder
When we got the news, we let out a sigh,
Was gravity turned up too high?

Not wanting to sound unduly mean
But couldn't you have used a trampoline?
We are, of course, quite impressed
That you can combine tree surgeon and parachutist

And now, fearing you might try to force it
You're gonna have to wear this gurt big corset
So we're sending our warmest greeting
Hoping you'll be in fettle for the August meeting

If heaven forbid you're still a bit crook,
We'll let 'Nurse Darlene' take a look!

Tavistock Sale
Ward and Chowen are once more putting on a sale of various Galloway cattle on July 7th, at Tavistock Livestock Market, Devon. Previous years entries have seen several Riggit and Belted animals forward as well as the black cattle, and there is a solid following of buyers for both commercial and pedigree animals. Entries close 1st July, Ward and Chowen can be reached on 01822 610080

Some breeding news
As ever, the lottery of who will get the best percentage of well-marked calves runs on. James Taylor on Exmoor looks like he's trying to tip the odds by buying more Riggit cows!
And after a handful of nicely marked winter heifer calves, the Secretary has to report that he's since had a poor showing on Dartmoor. Lots of calves on the ground, with grand strapping solid blacks, black pointed whites, correctly marked bull calves, but only three line backed females at the time of writing.
Elsewhere, 'Red Pride' has been leaving a good percentage of marked offspring, which at least bodes well for those planning to AI cows to him. Talks are afoot to export straws to New Zealand.
Jeremy Perkins has reluctantly parted with his old stock bull Sherberton Reiver, sending him on to new breeder and member Mark Jones, on the hills above Rhayader in Mid Wales. Welcome aboard Mark, good luck with a much loved and admired bull. Jeremy has fetched down a young Stonehouse bull (Blackbird) from William and Emma Richardson.
The Richardsons have in turn posted pictures of several marked spring calves, including an outstanding red heifer 'Stonehouse Dotterel'.
And Ian and Gillian Dixon in Devon have finally bred themselves a marked heifer calf, after most other flavours, and every kind of bad luck. To make up, it's a stunner -sired by AI to a solid black-, and the cow (Sherberton Fiona) is looking fantastic. See below.

New Member
As well as Reiver's move to Wales, a year's membership has kindly been arranged by Mr Tim Oliver of Northumberland, for customers who've bought 3 of his Riggit cows. The new breeders are Jimmy and Michaela Doherty, of Suffolk.
Some of you might recognise the name, as Jimmy has something of a media personality, and a sound reputation for his earnest interest in farming and food. We're delighted to welcome them aboard, and hope the beasts thrive at such low altitudes!

A warming tale…
Old Devon farmer Albert arrived in the bar of The Strangled Ferret on Friday night, much as ever. 'Yere', said one of his cronies, 'I thought twas your hanniversary this weekend, and yer Missus had summat special planned'.
'Wull' says Albert, 'when I comed in frum milking, there she was, on the sofa in this skimpy outfit I'da never seed before. Er 'eld up a little coil of rope, and said I could tie 'er up and do whatever I fancied. So……here I am'.

Winter Meeting
The winter AGM passed quietly in February, at the regular midlands venue, and draft minutes will be circulated directly. To keep up the usual standard, several delegates arrived with livestock boxes, doing nefarious livestock deals and swaps in the car park. It's not known if officialdom have been made aware of these goings on, so Mums the word boys and girls. As ever, delegates ate their own body weight in cake in the tea rooms either side of the meeting.

Summer Meeting and Jamboree
The summer meeting is set for Thursday August 13th, with farm visits and activities spilling over to the Friday, kindly hosted by Mr Patrick Ford and the ever shy and retiring Darlene, in and around Dorchester, in Dorset.
Their post code is DT2 0ED, phone number 01300320014, mobile 07966986747, and delegates are advised to seek accommodation sooner than later (Patrick and Darlene will try and help steer you if you give them a call). Karin Chandler-Wilson has kindly put aside a field- usual occupants seen below- (DT2 0BA, adjacent to 1 Dorchester Road, Maiden Newton) for wealthy Cumbrian delegates arriving in their hi-tech camper vans (and lesser mortals with their hide rug tee-pees, horse drawn wagons and makeshift bivouacs).
Once more, the portents signal a fantastic social event, up to our exquisitely high values of fun and conviviality. Further details will be sent nearer the time.





















































The sole Riggit occupants of Dorset ready to receive their Summer visitors!